Cupcakes, renovations and another favorite recipe!


I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Ours was super busy, as usual.  Started off my weekend with a cupcake order for a little girls 1st birthday!

2 smash cakes and 2 1/2 dozen princess cupcakes!

 Don’t these look delicious?  Vanilla cupcake with a vanilla bean frosting and a fresh raspberry filling!

Rose cake:

And no little girls party should  be without princess crowns made out of fondant!

The baking is now on hold as we are getting ready to move in about 5 weeks.  So much to do! We are buying a foreclosure that needs a LOT of work, so we spent the rest of Saturday knee deep in paint colors.  I thought this would be fun to have a clean slate and be able to pretty much pick everything out, but NO!!! This is way more stressful than I imagined! Especially on a budget! 

I can’t wait to show before and after pics, it’s going to look like a totally new place.
Or main upgrade is the kitchen.  If money was no object this is what I would want…

 Oh, but wait…we ARE on a budget.
 In my dreams *sigh*. 
Or biggest issue was picking out our paint.  
I really love the cool gray colors…we have a lot of white trim and thought it would look amazing. 

But that would have meant changing the color of the wood floor, and then we would have had to redo the stair banisters to match, which just isn’t in the budget.
So this is the palette we picked out. Seems a tad boring, but I’m hoping I can spruce it up with some colorful window treatments.

I’m excited to see the finished product. 
Tons of work to be done. 
 New kitchen, ripping out and replacing rugs, new hardwood floors, paint from top to bottom, new bathrooms, new lighting fixtures.  Man, I hope we can get it all done in 5 weeks before move in day!  Stay tuned for pics!

And last but not least, another of my favorite recipes!

Adapted from How Sweet it is

This is one of my go to favorites. Not only is it delicious, but I can slap a piece of cheese on it and pass it off to my kids as a “cheeseburger” and they don’t even think twice!

Basically you throw the peeled and deveined shrimp in a food processor, mix in some egg, breadcrumbs  and seasoning and voila!

Ok, granted it doesn’t look too appetizing at this point….but wait for it……

Wait for it……

Wait for it…..

But first, the salsa. 
 The recipe calls for peaches, but I used Mango (and I think it was probably just as delicious) since peaches aren’t in season here yet. I also added some jalapeño for some kick…

Serve it with a salad and some sweet potato fries and mmmm, mmmmm, good.

I can’t resist a movie quote here (omg, I’m turning into my husband) from the movie Old School….”once it hits you lips, it’s so good”
Enjoy, I hope you try it out, you won’t be disappointed!


  1. Yum!! That looks pretty tasty (everything…) I want some of your cupcakes!!

    I can’t wait to see pics of your house. I need paint inspiration for our new house too! I love the cool gray as well. Our new place has tile – I would have loved hardwood, but tile will have to do for now – shoot, it’s better than the all over carpet we have in this house.

    Good luck with everything!


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